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Meet the artist
behind the designs.

As a recent graduate, I am eager to put my design knowledge to work and embark on a professional journey in the industry. Throughout my internship at UNeTech Institute, I have worked closely with entrepreneurs and gained valuable hands-on experience. This experience has fueled my passion for guiding companies, particularly start-ups, in creating impactful visual identities by designing logos, business collateral, and websites that authentically reflect their mission and values.

As someone who values the power of storytelling, I am genuinely passionate about the design process. I am driven to capture and share your company's stories, successes, and even failures. I strive for my designs to bring out emotions that connect your brand and its audience.


I am prepared to bring enthusiasm, creativity, and attention to detail to every project I undertake. Let's collaborate and capture your brand through thoughtful designs.

Hello, I'm Ambrea!

Kind Words

"Her structured approach helped tremendously, all while asking great questions and listening intently while I explained not only what our company does, but how we want the market to see us."

James Young, MBA, Client at UNeTech Institute
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