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A Reminder to SLOW DOWN

"I wanted to create this brand to remind people to slow down and connect with themselves and the people they love most. As much as Americans thrive off of feeling productive and love to cross things off the to-do list; it’s important for people to make time for themselves too. If everyone keeps going and pushing as hard as we do; it’s easy to find ourselves burnt out and overwhelmed. We all have been there: we get stuck, it’s hard to come up with any new ideas, and it feels like there are a million tasks that need to be completed with no time to do them all. In this process, we forget who we are and end up feeling defeated, with no direction..." – Ambrea

*continue reading the blog I created for UNeTech Institue all about the American hustle culture and my European adventure that inspired my capstone!*

My final Capstone display at the Iowa Event Center in Des monies.


Website click-through function created using Adobe XD!

Print & Flat Designs

Mailer & Invitation
- First Impressions: The viewer should feel the branding story
  - A personal Welcome: Professional and classy

Fan | Name Tag
  - Fun: Brings out the inner child
  - Customizable: Personalized for each guest
  - Functional Design: The fan shape adds practicality

  - Culinary Elegance: Showcases exquisite tea-time delicacies
These print designs invite you to explore, engage, and indulge in the high tea world, where every detail is thoughtfully designed to be an enchanting experience.

Final Exhibit

Print Display
- Material Showcase: Presents print materials in an engaging way
  - Tactile Experience: Offers hands-on experience

High Tea Table
  - Atmosphere Preview: Emerses viewer in the high tea experience

​Table with Laptop 
  - Interactive Web Showcase: Demonstrates websites functionality

The Dedicated Branding Team

I chose to be a part of the branding team for the event. This was a big time investment for my team as we were already putting hours into our capstone projects and now also dedicating our time outside of school to create an impactful show. We faced challenges together but created lasting friendships in the process. 

design girlies-3.jpeg

& Showtime Recognition

Together we created branding for the event which was applied to the website, signage, and other deliverables. At the show, each of us were surprised with a sign in our booth recognizing our hard work and dedication! 

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