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Inviting and playful, carefree and relaxed, C’est la vie entices you to “just let go”and celebrate the day, night or occasion with this delicious, DRY white wine made from the beloved Brianna grape. Waves of fresh, ripe pineapple and white pear flavor settle back with delicate aromatics, and a mist of fresh citrus on the finish. Pairs well with chilled and salty friends and food alike!


The client was seeking a wine label design for their product titled "C'est La Vie" that captures the vibrant and elegant aesthetics of the French Riviera. They want the design to incorporate a play on words of the French phrase sounding like "Sail - a - V."


Creating a playful visual element on the label that shows the letter "V" sailing on a sea of waves with supporting sails in the background.   



the label

Rose Final Wine Labels-09.jpg

intentionally points to the letter "v"

supporting details

shape resembles the letter "v"

like waves, life varies

SAIL - A - V

Echoes "c'est la vie"

A Part of it All

Not only was I able to work on a product that is in 300 plus locations around Iowa, but I was able to see this product from start to finish. Rose gave me a full tour of the beautiful Santa Maria Winery; where I got to vent, cork, and label multiple C'est la vie bottles! 


First the bottle is filled with the precious Briana Blanc wine harvested from a local vineyard in Carroll, Iowa. 


Next, the bottles are sealed with a cork to perserve the wine. 

Sealing Cap

A plastic cap is then placed over the top of the bottle and sealed using a heated iron.


Finally my labels are placed on the front and back of the bottle. 


Lastly, the wine is shipped to 300 plus locations around Iowa, sold at the Des Monies farmers market, and even shipped out!

This is difficult. How do words adequately express so much talent disguised behind bright eyes, a contagious smile, and an invigorating zest for exploring the present? I have known Ambrea since she was a young child, and have witnessed her growth in the confidence and ability that can only come with acceptance of the ups as well as the downs on the path to maturity. When Ambrea came to me last fall, she casually mentioned that she was looking for a project to do for her portfolio at Iowa State and inquired if I had anything she could do for me. I jumped on the opportunity and she ran with an idea for a new wine label called C’est la vie! It is now over the finish line and we here at Santa Maria Vineyard and Winery are so proud of the finished label, created and designed by Ambrea that now showcases our dry Brianna grape wine. Throughout the arduous journey from concept to completion, she never failed to listen and incorporate ideas and suggestions in warp speed timeliness, and sharp attention to every detail. Ambrea is that rare package of talent and personality that any company would be blessed to have on board.

Rose Guinan


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